We run modded servers
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ROCNETmodded X/XX/2022 Latest Alpha N/A numbers
Installation Instructions

Step 0: The Setup, and Important Notes

If you are new to modded Minecraft, please review these steps. If you are not new, you can skip these steps. These don't need to be followed in order, but you can refer back to them as you follow the other steps. All of these instructions are written for Windows in mind.

  1. Ensure you have java installed on your computer. Even though Minecraft uses java, the vanilla Minecraft client is able to run without java installed, but the forge mod loader cannot.
  2. If double-clicking a .jar file to run it does not work (for step 1.2), you will need to use the Command Prompt to run the .jar. Command Prompt (Cmd) uses commands that are similar to Linux. Using file explorer, put the .jar file somewhere easy to navigate to, like your Desktop or Downloads folder. By default, Cmd loads into the C:\Users\USERNAME directory. Use "cd FOLDER_NAME" to move into that folder, and use "cd .." to move out of the current folder. For example, if your .jar is in your desktop, and you are in the C:\Users\USERNAME directory, type "cd Desktop" to move into the desktop. Once you are in the same directory as your .jar, use the following commmand: "java -jar FILE_NAME.jar". This will run the .jar file, as long as java has already been installed.
  3. If you need to access the ".minecraft folder", open File Explorer and using the directory searchbar, type "%appdata%", then press enter.
  4. If a mods folder exists in your .minecraft folder, ensure it is empty before moving mods in.
  5. Make sure you've run Minecraft 1.18.1 before.

Step 1: Installing Forge

  1. Click the link for the appropriate Forge Download above for the "Latest Release."
  2. Once downloaded, run the file. (If you're having trouble, refer to Step 0.2)
  3. A small window will appear on your screen. Select "install client."

Step 2: Installing the pack

  1. Click on "Latest Release" to install the modpack.
  2. Once downloaded, open your .minecraft folder. Create a folder called "mods." (If there is already a mods folder, refer to Step 0.4).
  3. Move the ROCNETmodded-1.X.zip into the mods folder (this is the hardest step!), then right click and "extract here". You will know you've done this correctly if there are multitudes of jar files in the mods folder, which should be in the .minecraft folder.

Step 3: Running the pack

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher. Go to the Installations tab. Edit the Forge profile. Click More Options. Find JVM Arguments and delete all of the text, and replace it with "-Xmx4G". This is how RAM is allocated. 4 GBs is good if you don't know how much RAM is in your computer, but you should usually allocate one half of your total RAM available.
  2. Click play.


You have successfully installed the pack! If not, and you are seeking help, join our Discord and ask for help in the #debug channel. You can find the server address and rules under the Servers webpage.