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    @rocsorc did it again.. He made a new mod pack.

    This time, it's called "RETRO6". Don't ask me why. But it's a combo of "space/magic/farming/tech".

    All the good things.

    The mod pack is obtained by using our Launcher. Just visit and scroll to the bottom for the link to the Launcher bootstrap. It will take care of the rest. (Thanks to sk89q)

    The details:

    Server address:
    Game version 1.11.2 (spongeForge + Forge + 100 mods and a few plugins)

    GriefPrevention, LuckPerms, BoP, and a long list of other mods:
    List here:

    The server is commercially hosted in eastern Canada on a fat pipe to the net. Should have good ping-time from just about anywhere.

    Try it out. We'll look for you!

    Thanks. Follow us on twitter: @sibomots